Thursday, March 17, 2011

Women Mini Skirt - Latest Fashion Trends

As women mini skirts became a staple in women’s wardrobes, the introduction of plaid fashion breathed new life to the trend. No longer a schoolgirl wear, plaid mini skirts of today are more of a fashion statement. Since mini skirts were considered a symbol of women’s liberation, the pleated plaid designs injected a more playful character to it. The creative folds seem to add more flare and life to the skirt and takes away drab impressions of its more plain counterparts.

Among the many colors of pleated women mini skirts , the red is one of the most attractive, though a lot of women do not find it comfortable to pull off. If you wear this piece, anyone would strongly suggest that you stay clear of the short revealing tops or navel exposing blouses. The black fishnet stockings with this skirt is also a big no-no. Unless if you’re off to a Halloween party, the get up might translate quite a negative message.

Red plaid mini skirts may be a daring piece to wear, but when worn right, would look incredibly fabulous in a woman. Pairing it with a solid color least dominant in the plaid’s pattern amazingly brings an elegant finish. It should make a lot of sense since plaid is adorned with colourful combinations, you sure wouldn’t wanna look like an ornament, would you? A lighter version of the plaid design’s most abundant color seems to work great too. ‘Easy on the eye’ color like pale pink, solid white and other indistinct shades bring about a more youthful appeal.

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