Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Blogger Fail To Make Money Online - Online Earning tips

It’s quite interesting that the keyword “make money online” is one of the most searched keyword in google search engine.And huge numbers of internet users are trying to earn online through every possible methods. Blogging is one of the most popular method to make money online.There are huge potential now for online earning through blogging.It’s a true fact that many blogger are making huge money online from their blogs but many blogger also fail to earn from blogs.So why blogger fail to make money online ?

Normally new blogger are in rush to make money from blogs which is a great mistake made by them.To achieve this they run many ads, starting from contextual ads to affiliate ads, in their blogs & they do not give much attention on attracting traffics.So without visitors their ads do not generate any earning either through CPC basis or through CPM basis.This is a common mistake among new blogger by which they fail to make money online from blogs.It’s essential for new blogger to concentrate more on their posts rather than on blog monetization.Especially they should try to attract as many numbers of visitors as possible to earn online.

Second mistake most blogger usually makes is imperfection in choosing the right ad programs for their blogs.To make money online from a blog it’s important to adopt ad programs which must not annoy your visitors.So don’t adopt any popup ad programs for online earning.Always run contextual ads as well as affiliate ads that matches the content of your blog or the ads in which your visitors may take interest otherwise your blog will fail to make money online.

Give more importance in placement of the ads in your blog.Never place your ads in the footer of the blog, it’ll not generate any money.Always place ads in header section & in sidebars of blog for earning from a blog.And it’s also advisable to place some ads within the post section to make money online from your blog.

Blogger fail to make money online because of inconsistency in updating blogs.New blogger do not update their blogs regularly which creates a bad impression among the visitors which may reduce the numbers of regular visitors to the blog.So the online earning from the blog will be reduced in a very short time.

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