Monday, March 21, 2011

TwitPic Theater Super Bowl, FriskyFriday, Sexy Soccer, Hot Lucha Libre Referees, 50 Cent Visit, Beach Babes Edition

We’re guessing you watched Super Bowl XLV and missed all the action on Twitter during the game. As the Steelers and Packers battled, a plethora of beautiful girls posted sexy pictures of themselves celebrating the best Sunday of the year. Luckily for you, I don’t have a TV and NetNanny blocks all the non-hot girl sites from my computer. Translation? The only thing for me to do during the game was creepily monitor the opposite sex on Twitter. And it was well worth it. Here are my Super Bowl favorites and some other ones you’ll enjoy from last week.


@SaraUnderwood @IAMJESSICAHALL @HeatherRaeYoung out partying for the Super Bowl.


@jaimeedmondson looks great at the Super Bowl, but we’re not sure sure about the wannabe @hughhefner. There’s really only one guy in the world who can pull that off and this guy isn’t him.

@brandiemoses @iamJessicaHall@brandiemoses @iamJessicaHall enjoying the festivities at the Playboy Super Bowl party in Dallas.

@KakiWest10 @janklink @xokellyyoungxo

@KakiWest10 @janklink @xokellyyoungxo at the Mansion Super Bowl Party.

@crystalharris is usually a Chargers fan but for Super Sunday she transformed into one sexy Cheesehead.

@hiromioshima@hiromioshima put on a yellow bunny costume to match her cheese hat. At least that’s how I’m telling it. Believe what you will America.

ashleymattingly@ashleymattingly took her seat down by the winning end zone.


@MissKassieLyn shows off her sexy winter scarf in this #FriskyFriday TwitPic. What is #FriskyFriday you ask? Every Friday Playmates and fellow Playboy models take a super frisky pic and tweet it. Check out last week’s 2010 Playmate TwitPic Theater (Link is NSFW) to see all of the #FriskyFriday photos from this week.

@ChelseaGrimland@ChelseaGrimland was not at the Super Bowl, but we kinda wish they’d have shown this instead of the fat dude in the cheese hat cheering in the stands. Just saying.

@saraunderwood@saraunderwood is pumped up for a different football season to begin. If soccer girls are this hot, we might have to start paying more attention to the world’s most popular sport.

@rebysky@rebysky takes her wrestling refereeing extremely seriously.

@irinavoronina shows off some sexy lingerie we can only imagine would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or any day, really.

@bexspace1@bexspace1 enjoyed the nice weather somewhere far away from the snowed-in TSJ Headquarters.

@JessalynnhintonI thought I looked good in my yellow mankini, but it turns out I was horribly wrong and @Jessalynnhinton has really showed me up. (My yellow mankini TwitPic has been redacted to save your eyes from extreme pain.)

@JessicaBurciaga@JessicaBurciaga is on vacation, but with vacation tweets we may be having more fun than she is.

MzDecember06@MzDecember06 shows off her purple Blackberry that matches her purple walls. Is that on purpose?


charisb@CharisB wished her friend Nicole a happy birthday. All I can say is that I’m super jealous of Nicole right now. Whoever she is.

@CrystalHarris@CrystalHarris tweeted that she was basically in bed when @50Cent stopped by the Mansion. Did he bust some congratulatory rhymes for the happy couple? Hook them up with some Vitamin Water? Give them some questionably legal penny stock tips? We’ll never know, but at least we have this cool TwitPic.

@KristenLynnXo and friends are your parting shot. We will see you next week with more tweets from the stunningly beautiful women on Twitter.

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