Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tough luck for Shahid! - Bollywood News Gossips

New Delhi, Mar. 20 -- Going by the findings of a consumer survey, Shahid Kapoor, popularly known for his lover boy image and groovy dance moves, has a future as an action hero. According to Synovate India, consumers in metros feel that his youthful energy can be channelised into testosterone-packed roles like the one he played in Kaminey (2009).

They argue that while he may not look traditionally beefy, he has a physique that makes punch-'em sequences relatable.

Chennaites who want a 'complete' hero, feel that Kapoor can pull off both romantic and action roles. Even consumers in mini metros like Lucknow and Ludhiana opine that with age, the 30-year-old actor can easily slip into the action slot.

Women across regions and age groups, feel that a few kicks and an eight-pack will add extra zing to Kapoor's sexy image. His raw and rough look as Charlie in Kaminey has high recall value. The actor, who built a six-pack to sprint with the horses in Kaminey and an eight-pack for Chance Pe Dance, admits that when girls ask him to take his shirt off, he looks away. But he does agree that having abs feels great. It took him a year of working out to develop them, but he's ready to go through it again.

Meanwhile, he's gung-ho about a Kaminey sequel. "I had so much fun doing Kaminey and I'm sure people too would want Guddu, Charlie and Sweety back. If Vishal (Bhardwaj, director) were to approach me, I'd give my left arm to do Part 2," insists Kapoor, who turned down a cameo in Bhardwaj's 7 Khoon Maaf, because he was busy shooting for Mausam, the film that his dad, 56-year-old Pankaj Kapur, devoted two years to. "As his son, I had the responsibility of focusing on his directorial debut. I have four looks in the film and that required a lot of preparation. I felt guilty turning down Vishal, but he understood," he says.

For the past one year, Kapoor's been busy with the epic love story. Next up is Janam Janam Ka Saath Humara Thumhara, another love story with Priyanka Chopra. "But now I want to do three to four films a year. I've found my foothold in the industry and am getting good offers," he asserts, admitting that the change in strategy will also include more action movies. Cutie Kapoor is ready to turn 'kaminey' again!

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