Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Peak Oil Clock is Really Terrifying

Some clocks tell us the time and others stir us to rise each morning. This Peak Oil Clock, on the other hand, offers something far more alarming than that -- counting up the rate in which the world is consuming petrol, and counting down to the unsustainable future. But can it draw us from our collective slumber to face this inevitable reality? I mean, just watch those numbers roll: a dizzying blur of barrels of oil pumped from the ground and coughed into the atmosphere, funding tyrants and potentially undermining empires, giving us our fix for energy while dirtying the face of the planet itself. Just watch it for a while -- perhaps you too will hear a wake-up call. It's been ringing for a while now, so we should probably get down to business. (Created by Energy and Capital, via Dean's Corner.)

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