Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break: girl-time.

Hi Lovelies!! So this will be an informal post, just sharing with you a bunch of photos I gathered from this week so far of my spring break :), but promise to owe you lovelies an outfit post soon :).
Army green LF parka cape coat, Brown Ralph Lauren blouse, Dark blue LF jeans, Black Urban Outfitters boots, White Thrifted Goodwill vinyl bag. (photo credit to Rose)

Spent the day out shopping at Santana Row in Fremont, CA (to also visit the new Free People!)
A polaroid with a best girlfriend Rose of Embers & Roses blog, loove hanging out with this girly
(ps. note to self: going to make it a point to take polaroids more on outings!)

Enjoyed a day showing Jamie of Blogredhead around Berkeley, looked at tops in Urban Outfitters
 So funny her umbrella was huuge compared to mine, sadly the weather that day was very rainy
She was soo sweet in-person & prettyyy! :)
Spent the day with my best middle/high school girlfriend Brenda (we go wayy back since 7th grade!) at SF Union Square
 Took pics in this pretty alleyway :).
Looked like a pretty postcard for Chanel :).
I caved in.  Bought the YSL lipstick, which is now one of my faavorite items in my makeup collection.  All I need now is a YSL arty ovale ring to complete my love for YSL <3.

Photobooth fun on her mac :), i missed herrr super much since she left me for UC Irvine haha, but it's okay, always happy when she visits the bay area again :). seriously one of my bestfriendsforevaaa. <3
Shopping, makeup, eating or actually pigging out, non-stop laughing, hugs, and photos galore, equals a perfect, relaxing, fuun, Spring Break filled with catching up w/ my best girlfriends (and new friends too!) ;).  So far the pics above sums up my spring break, which is a relaxing one awaayy from the craziness of what is called -- SCHOOL.  Just what I needed -- a nice break.
Aand to make things more exciting!  The Trendy Rose Spring photoshoot is happening this weekend!  And so happy to be the head stylist!  Something I really love doing and happy to be a part of :).  Can't wait to show you lovelies the finished Spring Lookbook, I will keep you updated forsure :).

And as for my outfits, I've been noticing I fell in love with parkas, military jackets, anoraks etc..I guess they're just so perfect for our gloomy rainy weather lately!  Don't worry loves, I'll switch into the pretty sheer soft light neutral colors soon once the sun comes out to play.  I CAN'T WAIT for some warm spring sun!! :)

Also, check out my recent interview with!  Check it out here! :) Thank you Smashion for the feature and the blogger love&support :).
Hope your weeks have been good so far lovelies!  And omgoodness, I can't waait to find the perfect item for my personal giveaway coming soon for you beautifuls!! :) Until then, enjoy a big bear hug from me I'm sending  through the blogosphere to you.  Have a happy Wednesday! :)

I will end this post on a tribute.  RIP to a marvelous and most talented beauty: "I’m a survivor – a living example of what people can go through and survive." - Elizabeth Taylor.

<3, Kathleen.
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PS. a perfect happy sunny day song for you to enjoy, caan't wait for some spring sun :). <3 the strokes.

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