Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shahi Milk Rabri - Latest Healthy Recipes


10 cups milk
50 gm butter
3/4 cup condensed milk
4 tblsp sugar
4 green cardamom seeds
4 drops of kewra essence
A pinch of green cardamom powder
A pinch of pistachio powder
Almonds, pistachio and saffron for garnishing

  1. Bring the milk to boil in a deep heavy pan.
  2. Add sugar and cardamom seeds and leave to simmer over a low heat for 2 hours until the milk is reduced to one quarter but keep on continuous stirring.
  3.  Remove from the heat and add the kewra esscence.
  4. Pour it into serving glass
  5. Sprinkle cardamom and pistachio powders over
  6. Let it cool about 2 hours
  7. Garnish almonds, pistachio and saffron before serving. 

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