Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pay Per Click concept - Online Earning Tips

If your page does not appear in the top 20 results of a search engine (which is pretty optimistic) likely will not get visitors through search engines, unless you pay for it. Many browsers, however, have a column on the right side of search results where you can purchase a "sponsored link", ie you can list their payment of a fee. This is what is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adword

Systems, pay-per-click or pay-per-views "are based advertising model where the advertiser pays for every royal visit to receive through the system. In a search engine PPC, advertisers bid to get the top positions in the keywords of interest. The highest bid, along with other criteria, does the ad to appear at the top of the list of results, which (supposedly) that the web will have a greater number of visitors, while increasing the cost per visit.

The major PPC systems currently operating in Spain are: Google Adwords, Espotting and Overture. All feed on "sponsored results" or "ad links" to the major search engines and web portals. Google, Overture and Espotting have programs to pay for visits that allow advertisers to select a set of keywords associated with a URL to direct visitors, custom titles and descriptions for each keyword, elements that appear in the results provided Google, Overture and Espotting as well as their respective networks of partners. No clutch, the order of advertisers in Google's case no longer depends only on the commitment of our advertisers, but other factors such as click-through rate ("Click-Through Rate" - CTR) of the ad.
The fundamental advantage of the system of "Pay per click" is its ability to provide almost immediate visibility to advertisers on major search engines and portals. Its disadvantage lies in its, in many cases, high cost and should be complemented by campaigns positioning results, "free" and profitability measurement systems.
How does Pay Per Click?

First you pick the keywords that are important to your customers, those terms that people search in the search. Next, research how other advertisers are paying to appear on such lists of sponsored links. The higher you want to appear on the list of sponsors, the more you pay. The list begins with the best postor.Evidentemente, you want to find out how much you pay, for many customers and how much business will provide these visitors. You should be able to identify more than 100 search terms related by those who might want to bid on a single product or service.


PPC is the most effective method to get potential customers
- You have the ability to continuously monitor the cost per visitor
- It's simple: the more you pay, the best positions will have on the list of "sponsored links"
- You only pay for visitors who click on your ad
- With PPC you can choose the terms to advertise your products and services
-Generate quality traffic to your website and visitors can read a description of your activity before you click on your ad

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