Friday, March 18, 2011

New hair color & cut!

Light blue Crossroads UO cardigan & white floral top, Brown thrifted belt, Light blue H&M jeggings, Black UO Deena & Ozzy boots.

Despite the rain outside, I was able for an instant to take outfit photos, but also to show you lovelies my neww hair!!  I got it done yesterday at Edo Salon and my stylist, Becky, (if you ever go, pleease recommend for her), she is AN AMAZING HAIR PAINTER -- yess, the word hair painting actually exists! i know, I was shocked too lol.  I didn't know it was an art?  But she did such a great job, I'm very pleased with how it turned out :).  She even styled my hair so that it was really messy, textured and wavy with a new Bumble and bumble product called Bb texture (definitely recommend that too!).  It took foreverr to do, but it was worth the wait!  I can't wait though to take better pictures when there isn't overcast, like in real sunlight.  Isn't it strange how when you get a new haircut or hair color, it acts as a new accessory to when you put together outfits?  I like that lol.

For my outfit, I'm wearing my thrift finds from Crossroads, blue UO cardigan and a white floral tank top.  I recently bought these jeggings from H&M in a light wash (been trying to find one that color forever), and I must say they are very comfy!  In addition to my new UO boots, comfiest pair of heels I own :).

SOO, finally am going to share with you the big news for my blog!!  (sorry for the very very long suspense haha).  I'm an official blogger for Blowfish Shoes Blog (B.Log)!!  The superr sweet and lovely Elise, in charge of all their social media, contacted me to be a part of their blog, and of course, I accepted :).  Ever since I tried on my first pair of Blowfish shoes I won as a Chictopia award I've been hooked to their amazing shoes :).  My first blog post is up live on their blog right now, you can check it out HERE! :)  My bio is up as well! :)
And I'm super duper happy that it is FINALLY spring break! After all that splenda and coffee and sleep deprivation for three weeks straight (ok I may be exaggerating haha), with all the midterms, I can finally relax for a whole week :).  I hope you beautifuls are doing well!  And hope your weekends will be FUN!  I'm actually going to try and visit the LF store, it's the last weekend of their sale! Crossing my fingers I find great pieces :).  I'm also going to hunt for a giveaway item while thrifting this spring break for my giveaway! :).
Anyways, going to now browse and be blown away with inspiration from all your amazing blogs! ;)
PS. I now have more time to do more vlogs!  Stay tuned! :)
PSS. Here's a photo of my hair from last night after the hair appt.  My new hair color looks different at night too, so it's versatile? lol :P.
<3, Kathleen.
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