Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imran, Kareena: Chalo double seat! - Bollywood News Gossips

Mumbai, March 17 -- Since time does matter, everyone seems to be trying out different ways to save their minutes, remarks my dhobi Safedi Lal. He's just strolled in to deliver fresh linen and is telling me that Imran Khan has taken to bike-riding at his shoot.

No, he's not turned into a motorcycle enthusiast like John Abraham, I'm told. Instead, the Khan boy, who's currently filming Short Term Shaadi with Kareena Kapoor at Madh Island, just borrows his hairstylist's bike to reach the sets of his film.

Before you let your imagination wander any more, let me tell you that his vanity van is parked some distance away from the sets. And since it's too hot to walk it up, the actor prefers to save a few minutes by biking it. Sometimes, Bebo also rides double seat with him to the sets. Now that's what I call bike bonding. Hai na!

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