Sunday, March 20, 2011

Essential SEO Tips For Bloggers In 2011 - Online Earning tips

What is it that we want more of for our blogs – no matter what niche we operate in? I assume that answer for most of us is more readers or subscribers. If you are blogging for personal reasons you want a bigger community – more like-minded people to share your passions, likes and dislikes. If you are blogging for business more readers equates to more leads, customers and revenue. Readers and subscribers are the bread and butter for any blog.

To create a successful blog takes time, effort, patience and hard work. Knowing the SEO essentials gives your blog the possibility to reach out to more people. So what should you be doing in 2011 to ensure the success of your blog?

1.   Create unique content that people want to read and share. This is never going to change in SEO generally or for your blogging SEO. Well crafted content draws the readers in and more specifically encourages them to return. Whether your blog is personal or for business return readership is essential. Take time to craft you blog posts and include images and videos and useful links. A useful and informative or entertaining post can take on a life of its own and spread through other related blogs – become a guru in your niche.

2.   Keep up with the changes in Google. Only recently the Google Page Preview was added to the search results, does your blog look aesthetically pleasing enough to encourage searchers to click on it. If not you are going to need to add great design as one of your priorities for the New Year.

3.   Give your basic SEO a health check. Are your title Tags unique and relevant to the pages content. Do your Meta Descriptions contain the keywords you have targeted for that page and are they compelling enough to get people clicking on your link in the search results.

4.   Complete an overhaul over your Alt Tags. This year has seen SEO’s notice that Alt Tags are a strong part of the Google Algorithm, is the text that sits behind your images keyword rich, relevant to your content and helpful for those who cannot see your images.

5.   Are you ready to go mobile? This is going to get even bigger in 2010 and do you know whether your site can be viewed on the latest smartphones? If not it is time to start investigating. If you are running on WordPress there are a couple of great plug-ins to ensure you are ready.

6.   Are you active on Twitter? Google and Bing have both said recently that they are looking at Twitter and are including the data when ranking sites. If you are already on Twitter it may be time to start using it that little bit more?

SEO is constantly changing and if you are running a blog you need to keep up to date to make (or keep) it a successful venture. At least now you have some blogging New Year Resolutions!

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