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The S1000RR... How it Should Have Looked


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Pedrosa to Resume Full Training in January

Repsol Honda Team rider Dani Pedrosa is now in the final stages of recovery from the shoulder injury he sustained last October and is excited to return to training in early January.


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Mister France 2011

Jonathan Duforestel, Mister Picardie, foi eleito Mister França, cuja eleição se deu numa viagem de navio entre o México e a cidade de Miami, nos Estados Unidos.

O primeiro finalista foi Sébastien Bucher , Mister Alsace e o segundo finalista, Mister Limousin, Valentin Lucas. Os outros finalistas foram : Mister Bretagne, Christian Anseaume e
Mister Martinique, Anthony Defrel.

Demais candidatos foram: Jean-Philippe Cout, Mister Alpes Dauphine, Lionel Fundere, Mister Auvergne, Rodolphe Mondon, Mister Bourbogne, Hugues Parsy, Mister Haute Normandie, Olivier Charpentier, Mister Midi Pyrenes.

Ainda não se sabe em qual concurso internacional o Mister França poderá competir.

Momento da Coroação:

For the love of Ikea.

Gold H&M crochet sweater, Burgundy American Apparel corduroy skirt, Brown thrifted belt, Black thrifted hat, White Goodwill vinyl bag, Tawny Crossroads Aldo ankle-boots, Forever 21 rings.

During my thrift shopping, I found this burgundy American Apparel corduroy skirt at Crossroads, and looved it!  It seems whenever I go thrifting and I find an AA item, I immediately buy it lol, or at least consider it.  In addition, at Crossroads, I found these pretty Aldo buckle ankle boots!  Definitely two items I loved to add to my wardrobe.  Paired these off with my fave H&M crochet sweater & new Goodwill addition - a structured white vinyl bag with gold details in the front.
If I could name something I really love next to fashion, it would be anything interior design.  Before, I used to always tune in to HGTV network and start watching the interior design shows like Design on a Dime or on TLC, Trading Spaces.  Occasionally, I'd love to watch on ABC, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
But as you get my point, I LOVE to think up of ways on how to design a space and make it look not only amazing but useful and organized.  If you have not been yet, Ikea is THE place to shop for functionality and beauty for any type of piece you want to add to your living space.  Yes. As you can tell, Ikea holds a special place in my heart lol.  
Soo, I haven't been to Ikea in a while, decided this past weekend to go with the boyfriend and window-shop for some interior design inspirations and also pick up a few key items for my room.  There was one piece in particular that really caught my eye, I loved this lamp!  It was really quirky yet pretty and intriguing -- had lots of flower-like shapes made of paper material all around the light bulb.  
I even came across this one room that seriously stole my heart.  It had a huge wardrobe with sliding doors and inside had every kind of organization I would need for my clothes, accessories, and shoes.  K, random question, do any of you just love going through model-homes and admiring all the beautiful hard work that went into the interior design?  Someday when I get my future house, I hope it will look like a model home :).
In addition to this post, would like to announce the winner of the High Gloss Fashion Giveaway!  Big congrats to Emily of Redesign That, hope you enjoy your Urban Behavior sweater girl! :)
Also onto more news, I just did a whole new makeover of my blog shop where it's now moved to Tumblr. Def check it out!  I've added new items :).

Alrighty lovelies, hope you enjoyed my Ikea post!  Just thought I'd share with you something other than fashion I am passionate about.  Hope you all had an amazing weekend and your weeks are off to a great start!  PS. The vlog post is in progress, and will most likely be up instead by next weekend, sorry lovelies! (Had to do some HW and had a family party to attend).
Until then, keep inspiring beautifuls with your aamazing blogs!! :)

<3, Kathleen.
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Rossi?s opinion of the Lorenzo negotiations

This quote comes from the Spanish language website The message and the sentiment are clear: “You aren’t worth what I get paid Jorge”.
From, translation by Fans.Moto.GP (Thanks!):
What Jorge is looking for seems presumptuous to me: Arrive at Yamaha, and in his second year ask that he be given the same treatment as me. [...]


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Mister Alagoas 2011

Donato Oliveira, 26 anos é o Mister Alagoas 2011.

O modelo representará o estado nordestino no Mister Brasil Mundo 2011, dia 7 de maio, no Hotel do Frade, em Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro.

Site Oficial do Mister Brasil:

Foto:Divulgação/Mister Brasil Mundo 2011

Indy tipping contest scores

In another lean week top scorers, two names shot ahead from the pack to challenge the leaders - @tailzer and @harleymac1. Pulling off an impressive Brit-centric Minella to gain 6 points, @tailzer took second place in the overall standings. Well done sir! @harleymac1 also made impressive gains with his 6 point Minella.
Honorable mention goes to [...]


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Time to ante up for WSBK 2011

well, last year I didn't do to bad with my picks - had Biaggi winning it all (link to that thread here ->...


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Tuesday Conversation: Nicky Hayden

The 2006 MotoGP world champion on what to expect in his third season with Ducati, and his reunion with 2003 teammate Valentino Rossi.


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The Yamaha Monday Wake-Up Call

Wake up with results from weekend superbike, supermoto, and sidecar racing at New Zealand's Cemetery Circuit!


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world superbikes phillip island 2011

Super bike World Championships Phillip Island
The SBK World Championships – Season 2008!
GP Philip Island, Australia
Superpole :: SBK 2011
Phillip Island, Australia

Event Introduction
Superbike racing is all about showcasing the latest generation of high-performance four-stroke street bikes, with seven manufacturers set to battle it out for the 2011 world championship – Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW and Aprilia.


Much more than prototype-based grand prix racing, superbikes have a greater connection to the general public, because people can see the bikes they own being punted around on some of the finest race tracks in the world, including Australia’s very own Phillip Island.

The spectacular Phillip Island has one of the highest average speeds of any circuit in the world, and in the 2010 round Italian Max Biaggi (the eventual world champion) reached 319.8km/h down the main straight on his Aprilia V-four. That’s seriously potent performance.


The championship regulations allow four-cylinder bikes of up to 1000cc, or twins up to 1200cc. At the moment, Ducati is the only marque which is using a twin-cylinder configuration.

In 2011, the minimum weight for both twin-cylinder and four-cylinder bikes will be 165kg.

A superbike must remain in many aspects the same as the bike that can be bought in any dealership, including the body design. To be allowed to enter the world superbike title every manufacturer must produce a minimum quantity of a bike that must also be commercially available to the general public.

The championship also has a control slick race tyre, produced by Pirelli, giving all teams access to the same specification rubber to create closer and more exciting racing than ever before.



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tank, ambulance & jeep toys

Dijual aneka mainan kaleng, era 70-80an. minat??

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Panda tin toys

Tin Toys Panda, for sale. unik dan lucu.

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Tin Toys Favorite

Aneka tin toys era tahun 70an

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buffet art deco for sale

Dijual buffet art deco. kuno dan antik. di dalam buffet ada radio kuno dan pemutar piringan hitam. dijual..

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mainan sepanjang masa

Mainan kaleng yang saya miliki ternyata juga disenangi anak-anakku. ya namanya juga mainan pasti semua anak suka. nggak perduli mainan jaman dulu, mainan jaman kini, tetap aja suka. Yang dipegang teddy dan Rico adalah tin toys police cars, sebagian dari koleksi saya.

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Radar car

Jeep Radar, mainan China era tahun 60an, kuno banget (perhatikan ilustrasi boxnya). masih lengkap dan mulus. dijual. minat??

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Blake's Takes: NASCAR's Fuel Injection? Well, It's a Start

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To me, the most exciting announcement to come out of Speed Weeks was in a bulletin released by NASCAR the Thursday before qualifying.

Or was it? We'll get to that later.

The news was that NASCAR, in a major break from the stock cars of 1948, finally decided to adopt fuel injection for its racing engines, replacing the venerable (and largely obsolete) carburetors, the primary device for mixing air and fuel on internal combustion engines since the dawn of time.

Problem is, all cars manufactured for street use in the United States (and just about everywhere else) began widespread of fuel injection in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The last factory-for-sale car to use a carburetor was a single model of the Subaru in 1991.

NASCAR's insistence on carburetor use was therefore mystifying, and evidence of the widening chasm between NASCAR and "stock" cars. Every other major form of motorsport uses some type of computerized mix-and-inject.

In fact, only one company makes the kind of carburetors used in NASCAR racing. The carbs therefore are pricey and require extensive machining in the team shops to make them work in specific applications.


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rokok-rokok kampung jadul

Rokok-rokok kampung jadul. mereknya lucu-lucu dan aneh-aneh, namun disainnya oke punya. dijual, silahkan dipilih..

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subaru 360/r2

Tomy Subaru & tomy bus. for sale.

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