Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1973 TV Guide:

I had no idea cable was around back then.

Random find:

I'm guessing these are early/mid-'70s. I also don't know if they were mail-aways or not, but regardless, cereal premiums were pretty decent back in the day. I'm not sure if cereal boxes have premiums in them anymore.

Some Special Guests at Mister International 2010 Final Night

Aside from the Top 40 most handsome men in the world, IP Team also got to meet some of the most beautiful women in Indonesia. C'mon follow us and meet these special guests of Mister International 2010 Final!

Okay guys ... first we have the amazing and fabulous duet from The Amazing Race Asia 4, Nadine and Yani. Nadine Zamira is Miss Indonesia Earth 2009 while Hilyani Hindrato is the winner of Wajah Femina 2007.

While IP Team has had the chance to talk with Nadine via phone and short messages several times, but it is the first time we meet each other in person. So it was truly a great rendevouz for both of us. And Nadine is truly a charming and nice person. She gladly accepted our request to write a special message for Indonesian Pageant 6th Anniversary which will be celebrated this December. Wanna know what her message is? Be patient guys .... and stay tuned for our special anniversary fiesta in this blog!

And oh ... there is still another special guest. Looking absolutely smashing in chic purple dress, here is Cynthia Tidajoh, Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2010. This statuesque beauty said to us that she watched Mister International 2010 with a "mission" to observe the atmosphere of an international pageant. After all Cynthia will compete at an international pageant (Miss Tourism International 2010) herself this December. Take a good notes and good luck Cynthia!

Photos by : Nursasongko
Text by : Ayus Wijaya

Special thanks to L-Men Team and Mister International Org for giving a chance for Indonesian Pageants to do this coverage!

For more information, check out official sites of L-Men and Mister International Org at www.l-men.com and www.mistersingapore.org

Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Earth 2010 Part 5 : The Awards Continue

Our first review about the awards and their winners so far in the competition continues with the second part!

17 November 2010
Two major awards and two minor awards were presented during the Evening Gown and Ao Dai competitions held simultaneously in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. Miss Ecuador won the Best in Evening Gown award and Miss PNJ award while Miss Serbia won Best in Ao Dai award and Miss Saigon Elegance award.

Best in Evening Gown : Jennifer Pazmino (Ecuador)
Best in Ao Dai : Tijana Rakic (Serbia)
Miss PNJ : Jennifer Pazmino (Ecuador)
Miss Saigon Elegance : Tijana Rakic (Serbia)

Ecuador was chosen as the winner out of Top 5 Finalists of Evening Gown competition. The finalists are :

• Top 5 Finalists : Brazil, Czech Republic, Thailand, Venezuela

Serbia was chosen as the winner out of Top 5 Finalists of Ao Dai competition. The finalists are :

• Top 5 Finalists : Chinese Taipei, Korea, Nicaragua, Philippines

20 November 2010
One major award and one minor award were presented during the Swimsuit competition in Phu Yen. Miss Vietnam won the Best in Swimsuit award and Miss CanDeluxe award. During the show, Miss Earth organizing board also offered Phu Yen Province People’s Committee VND500 million (US$25,000) to support flood victims.

Best in Swimsuit : Luu Thị Diem Huong (Vietnam)
Miss CanDeluxe : Luu Thị Diem Huong (Vietnam)

Vietnam was chosen as the winner out of Top 5 Finalists of Swimsuit competition. The finalists are :

• Top 5 Finalists : Czech Republic, Ecuador, Norway, Venezuela

So those are the awards and their winners so far. There are still a couple of awards again to be given, including Miss Photogenic award, voted by the public. Have you voted for your fave?

Stuff I had:

The above is the back of a Honeycomb cereal box, with a record attached. It was around 1974/75. I'm guessing they don't make cereal box records anymore, but I wonder if they'll do CD's someday. Btw, the above record??? Totally lame.

The days get colder, the girls get hotter!!

We are back with a new round of the hottest girls!

We'll do the searching so you can sit back and relax. 

Don't forget to check back at the end of the week! As promised we will bring you an extensive video-clip with all the girls from this weeks blogs!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Motor jadul modified by Fandy Liong is Honda CB 200 output 1976.

Honda CB 200 Retro
Photographers -
Love the old stuff does not mean that age is not young. That was just talking about taste. As Fandy Liong, who was born December 15, 1985 which modified the motor jadulnya, Honda CB 200 Retro Racer.Motor 1976 with the concept of output in 1976 was just overhauled the casisnya saja.Sang owner,
Fandy Liong modify this old motor with the concept of retro racer.Casis until body art side of this motor show retro racer. Check it, which made the gas tank may be up to kebelakang.Proses workmanship seretro Honda CB 200 is needed for 18 bulan.Belum enough time there, Fandy also put the tail lamp made sendiri.Untuk safety, drum brakes are typically redesigned Vespa motor embedded in This old motor. Then sein light enough to use bicycle lights for adjusting konsepnya.Meski Ontel has revolutionized the chassis, Fandy Liong mesinnya.Karburator still retaining part-owned Honda CB 200 1976 Fandy Liong.


Since its introduction, the first automatic duck in Indonesia, Honda Revo AT Techno start a new trend combines comfort with typical agility of a motor scooter with a duck.
Because the dense atmosphere usually found in big cities make use of automatic transmission motorcycles become a trend in itself.

In addition, the agility of a motorcycle must also have an attraction. These two things combined is dedicated to Honda through AT Revo Techno.Do not want to wait a long time, detikOto opportunity to test this bike to explore the wilderness of Jakarta without a police escort as well as the usual testing done motor manufacturers.AT Revo technology that carries Automatic Continuous Variable (CV-matic) quite comfortable to drive, though somewhat disturbed with seats that are still hard as the standard Revo.The path we choose to try out AT Revo is not a special track, but a typical jam-prone path Jakarta.When the machine is turned on, the kitchen was 110 cc runway rumble. Once the gas, direct motor drive. When I first tried it, there is little sense clumsy. It's nothing, pass the custom motorcycle gear like a duck is no longer found in the Revo AT.
Footstep left the ordinary into the gears on the motor duck in general no longer exists.

Not long after leaving the AFP office in numbers Pejaten, South Jakarta, directly facing congestion.In situations like this that carried automatic transmission AT Revo proven reliable. Moreover congestion we are forced to apply a stop & go is exhausting. But with automatic transmission, it did not happen.AT Revo riding in a traffic jam feels very comfortable. Moreover, the agility of a motorcycle duck still exist in the DNA motor that has a wheelbase is 1252 mm.

No doubt, the action-skid salve amid congestion was so much better made than the motor matik like scooter. Ground clerance Revo AT 136 mm high as feels comfortable. Making the foot can tread the earth firmly.Not only that, AT Revo Honda engine cooling system to adopt dual refrigeration and cooling air to the engine room CVT with engine motor oil the same as duck proved to be effective to maintain the engine temperature.
Any engine so it is not easy to heat that ultimately makes the rider comfortable because it is not too hot at the foot of the machine is located.


Here it is Honda Tiger  MV AGUSTA Look who has dipermak like MV Agusta.
Coolie Junaidi dream to own a motor sport finally materialized. After his 2002 Honda Tiger dipermak like MV Agusta.Junaidi entrust her beloved motorcycle to be modified by the cold hand of Topo Goedel Atmodjo (Tauco Custom). To make this 2002 Honda tiger became like MV Agusta Topo change Tiger body with Body Full Set Qalvanis wear plate 0.8 mm . To the eye of the tiger, Topo add headlamp from Honda Vario, Stop Lamp crescent of the Honda Grand, and mono shock of MV Agusta Suzuki Satria.Tiger style was featured prominently in yellow and black strip was given sweetener.

Random thought:

I wish all siblings could play together as nicely as Donny and Marie seem to be doing. They look so happy with their new dolls.


HONDA CS 1 MODIFIED CUSTOM CBR Donny Dwi Budianto, the man from Samarinda, motor overhaul its CS-1 to look plump. Overhaul of the motor is generating cost of Rp 70 juta.Tangki Honda Motor Tiger pinned add CS-1 is seen kekar.Untuk modify this bike, Donny willing to pay Rp70 front juta.Pelek Honda CS-1
was replaced with a rim Honda NSR 150 SP size 350 inches x ring 17.Nah, there is the most unique on this bike. Honda CS-1 is not using the mirror. Mirror function is replaced by a 2.5-inch monitor integrated with kamera.Bagian behind this bike resembles a modified motor kekar.Head light bodied Honda CS-1 was replaced with a Honda CBR Honda rear 600.Pelek CS-1 was replaced with a rim Honda Hfr 800. Rear tire Michelin Pilot motor uses a custom embedded in the motor road.Knalpot ini.Setang add custom Honda motorcycles increased garang.Speedometer CS-1 uses digital well ace.


Yamaha provides 2 types, namely the New Jupiter MX 4 speed non-clutch and 5 speed clutch.

Jupiter MX Yamaha will launch the latest on 28 November 2010. Before trying out this new motor performance, we should first review with a difference New Jupiter Jupiter
MX MX version of the whole body of Jupiter MX lama.Secara looks berubah.Sayap or fairing also affected. The interface now looks wider than the lama.Desain larger headlamp and speedometer rounded design is different from the old version melebar.Sementara New Jupiter MX tail section looks more pointy. Including the house lights to stop now that adopt smoke desian indicating lamp life left muda.Handle New Jupiter MX.Ukuran rim and front tire New Jupiter MX is the same as the version that lama.Pengereman new motor is more perfect with the braking system disc brake on rear tires , especially the Yamaha has pinned wide tires 100/70/17 with rims 250 on belakang.Melongok to the New Jupiter MX engine clutch. System rose to 5 speed transmission, the old version only 4 percepatan.Salah only Jupiter MX rope clutch that had been on the right machine, now moved to the left rear mesin.Ban new Jupiter-sized MX 100/70/17 with rims 250.