Sunday, October 31, 2010

tomica for sale

Aneka diecast tomica. dijual, a Rp 40 ribu. minimal beli 3. ongkir jakarta gratis...

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honda jaman dulu

Dijual honda jaman dulu..dijamin mantab..ada yang minat??

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toys tank and dum truck

aneka mainan masa lalu dari kaleng dan dump truck, era tahun 70an...dijual

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police tin toys

Mobil polisi jaman dulu, dari kaleng.. era tahun 70an. es cream man tin toys, dan motor mainan kaleng, for sale..
Mobil polisi, rp 100 ribu

es cream man kaleng, rp 50 ribu

motor kaleng, rp 120 ribu

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Minnie Halloween.

Red F21 polka dot top, Red DIY Minnie Mouse headband, Black H&M skirt, Black F21 ankle boots, Red Heart sunglasses.

Happy halloween everyone!!! Hope you will have a fun night :) filled with lots of candy, haunted houses maybe, and everything scaary! :p.  Tonight, me and the boyfriend are just staying in and watching a bunch of scary movies while eating our own bag of candy :p.  On the list is "Rose Mary's Baby," never seen it before, but def heard it is super scary.  

Also, just wanted to update you all that I am extending the giveaway! It will be until next Sunday (November 7) at 12am PST.  So please please enter, because it is in appreciation for all of you! :)  Click here to go to the giveaway and enter! 
In addition, the heart glasses I'm wearing here are in the giveaway as well! :)

So onto the halloween outfit! :), I really just put this together myself, no going out and buying anything for this costume.  I had a red and white polka dot shirt already I bought a long time ago.  Along with this, my black H&M skirt.  To make the halloween outfit more wearable, decided to wear my comfy F21 ankle boots.  And to top it all off, I actually made this Minnie Mouse headband this morning! took me only an hour..i just colored the ears and bow from a hard piece of paper and glue-gunned them on to a headband i never use. 

ALSO, among many updates.. I recently had a mini photoshoot with the lovely & talented Brittany of Work It, Berk blog, and was part of her Work It, Bloggers series.  Her blog is aaamazing, it features fashion bloggers from around the bay area. Definitely recommend visiting her blog!  Thank you once again Brittany for the opportunity to work with you :).

Alrighty lovelies, I will def keep up with posting, sorry for the absence :(, due to juggling school and work aand commuting.  But don't worry I will definitely return all of your comments! Again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! <3

Love, KC.

chevrolet deluxe 1955

Mobil antik bersejarah, yang pernah menjelajahi jalan-jalan di Indonesia.
Mobil ini pernah dinaiki pejabat militer, sipil, sampai orang-orang kaya di negeri ini.
Chevrolet deluxe tahun pembuatan 1955. merupakan salah satu mobil termewah dijamannya. masih mulus, baru direkondisi, dijual...ayo cepat, bisa juga dipakai sebagai mobil pengantin..atau hanya dikoleksi di museum pribadi anda.ayo siapa cepat dia dapat.

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old gokart

mobil plat kaleng jaman dulu. kuat, liat dan tebal...beda dengan mobil-mobil accu jaman kini yang gampang rusak. mobil-mobil mainan ini era tahun 60an. dijual, ayo cepat keburu disambar orang...

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vespa langka

Salah satu vespa antik dan langka di indonesia. P 200. kinclong, surat lengkap..ada yang minat??

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Fright Night:

This, except for The Shining, is my favorite horror film of all time. I saw it 3 times at the theater. I was underage, so I'd pay to see a lame movie then sneak into the room showing Fright Night after the ushers went back to the lobby and didn't notice. It was too easy, really. I saw it on television once but it wasn't the same as in the theathers. Awesome flick.

Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2010 Part 10 : Batik Costume Parade

Inilah parade para finalis Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2010 dalam busana batik ....

Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2010 Part 9 : Traditional Costume Parade

Inilah parade para finalis Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2010 dalam busana daerah ....