Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoe fever.

May I say, deep down inside, I really am a shoe-aholic. I've been craving over these shoes lately! These are probably the most must-haves on my list, mainly JC shoes :), ever since my Backstage wedges, I'm a loyal fan.

#1, The Topshop Wisteria2 Diamante Wedges.
they are beyond amazing, the wedge for comfort and the beautiful ballerina-esque chiffon to tie up. Pure bliss. <3.

#2, The Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform from Nasty Gal Vintage.
They are probably the highest heels i've heard of so far, or am willing to buy..5.5''!! Wow, means i will be 5.9 1/2 inches tall. Heard though these are so comfy in spite of their height. Would look lovely with tights/socks. :)

#3, The JC Lita from Sole Struck.
I've always wanted lace up combat-like boots, and these are an amazing find just for that. Loove the JC platforms so much.

#4, The Jessica Simpson Tito wedge.
Another 5 inch heel, just noticed I really want 5 inch heels, I hope I don't fall in them haha, I'll practice with my current JC's (only 4.75 inches). This is a lovely wedge from Jessica Simpson, and it's a pretty good price, although expensive of course, but its too lovely for words. Love how it wraps around and is leather. 

So, as you can tell, I'm into a lot of neutral and dark colors for shoes, if you saw my starting shoe collection it is just that very color base combo.  One day I will be brave and buy a bright blue or bright red shoe, but until then, I'll be safe and feel confident in these shoes. 
How bout you lovelies? What kind of shoes are you craving for? ;).
Love, KC.

When you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand, and nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me, and soon I will be there:

Hey ain't it good to know that you've got a friend? People can be so cold: They'll hurt you and desert you. They'll take your soul if you let them (oh, but don't you let them).

Does anyone else remember:

"The End". I'm not sure what year it was, but I'm guessing late '70s / early 80's. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember it was pretty funny. I think I watched it at home on a Saturday afternoon. I used to love Saturday afternoon movies.

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 8 : The First Leaderboard

This is it ... the first Leaderboard for Puteri Indonesia 2010! After reviewing the pre-arrival pictures of the finalists and meeting themselves during the press conference, here is our judges' current pick for Top 10 most beautiful Emeralds of Nusantara!

The Emeralds of Nusantara
1. DI Yogyakarta
2. Gorontalo
3. DKI Jakarta 4
4. DKI Jakarta 3
5. Jawa Tengah
6. Bali
7. DKI Jakarta 1
8. Sumatera Selatan
9. Jawa Timur
10. Maluku

Is your fave on the list? If not, don't worry ... there is still more updates as the pageant continues. Stay tuned only at this blog!

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 7 : The Fashion Corner

Dan inilah ... gaun-gaun designer yang akan memeriahkan malam final Puteri Indonesia 2010.

Di bawah ini adalah karya dari Lenny Agustin yang mengangkat tema 'Lautan Indonesia", dengan warna dan bentuk busana yang diwujudkan dalam subtema air laut, terumbu karang, ikan, dan ganggang. Baju ini yang dipakai saat Opening Malam Final.

Tiga gaun berikut ini akan dipakai para finalis saat Evening Gown parade di Malam Final.

Gaun kedua ini adalah karya dari Hian Tjen.

Next gown ... berikut ini adalah gaun karya dari Albert Yanuar.

Sedangkan gaun yang terakhir ini adalah karya dari Imelda Kartini.

Selain gaun-gaun di atas, para finalis yang masuk ke Babak 10 bear akan mengenakan gaun rancangan Intan Avantie. Sedangkan busana kebaya nasional karya Anne Avantie akan digunakan oleh para finalis yang masuk Babak 5 Besar.

Terima Kasih kepada Yayasan Puteri Indonesia atas kesempatan Liputan resmi yang dilakukan Indonesian Pageants.

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 6 : Qory and Zizi at Press Con

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

But darlin, you are the only exception.

Green teal American Apparel skirt, Gray American Apparel V-Neck t-shirt, Brown Forever 21 crochet-detailed boots.
After watching Glee last night, this song (altho have already heard it b4) has been on major repeat. I adored watching Brittany S. Pierce and the montage/tribute to the Queen of Pop. So this is what I wore today, although not as hot as yesterday, wanted to wear something flowy and comfy for the semi-hot weather we've been having. I found this skirt at the thrift store in Berkeley, Crossroads, and it was an amazing find for the price! I adore how it isn’t too long or too short, juust right :). Feel classy in it. Paired it w/ my crochet detailed boots from F21 (MY FAVORITE boots ever.) And ran out the house bc was late for class. 

Sigh, i’ve been having so far days of not feeling really great about myself i guess academically and physically :(, I know its not good for me to feel like this, but sometimes I have these days where I feel less confident. Dont worry, I’ll pick myself back up, not giving up.

Until then may I be so inspired by all of your beauty and amazing confidence that it’ll help bring me back up again to where I want to be. :)

Love, KC.

<3 Brittany S. Pierce. Altho my all-time fav glee member is Rachel :).

ALSO! an update. Just saw (sorry super late) :(, but better late than never right? haha, THAT, stylish & lovely blogger Terri awarded me "The Versatile Blogger" award! thank you so much girl, means a lot to be recognized for this blog :), I really appreciate it <3. And again, thank you for everyone for the amaazing support.

Also, show some lovin on bloglovin' ;).
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Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 5 : The Press Conference

Yay! Akhirnya tepat jam 13.30 Press Conference dimulai, di Grand Mutiara 2, Hotel Ritz Cartlon.

Dibuka dengan MC duet keren dari Puteri Indonesia 2006, O la la ... ada Rahma Landy(2nd Runner Up PI 2006 & Top 15 Miss International 2007) serta Ananda (1st Runner Up PI 2006, Puteri Persahabatan, & Puteri Kepulauan Kalimantan). Tema Puteri Indonesia 2010 ini adalah "Cintai Negeri Melalui Penggunaan dan Penghargaan Karya Anak Bangsa".

Celetukan-celetukan duet kompak ini bikin semua tersenyum senyum, maklum Nanda Jahil dan Rahma Landy cerewet, Dynamic duo banget! Padahal keduanya sudah menikah, hahahaha .... suasana jadi segar^^

Untuk tahun ini YPI menyiapkan beberapa gelar, antara lain, Puteri Indonesia 2010, Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2010 (Runner Up 1), Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2010 (Runner Up 2), Puteri Indonesia Persahabatan, Puteri Indonesia Berbakat, Puteri Indonesia Favorit, dan Puteri Kepulauan Favorit (Sumatera, Jawa, Bali dan Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, serta Indonesia Timur).

Puteri Indonesia 2010 akan mewakili Indonesia ke Miss Universe 2011, dan 1st Runner Up Puteri Indonesia 2010 akan mewakili Indonesia ke Miss International 2011.

YPI tahun ini juga akan bekerjasama dengan ASITA (Assosiation of The Indonesia Tour & Travel Agencies) untuk meningkatkan peran Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2010 sebagai duta yang akan melakukan promosi pariwisata di nasional dan internasional.

Pemenang Puteri Indonesia 2010 akan ditunjuk menjadi Duta Anti Tembakau Indonesia(kerjasama YPI dengan Komnas Pengendalian Tembakau), semua finalis lainnya juga menjadi Duta Anti Tembakau di masing masing propinsi nya dan juga Duta Anti Narkoba (bekerjasama dengan Badan Anti Narkotika Nasional).

Tata rias para finalis di Puteri Indonesia 2010 ini menggunakan Trend Warna 2011 Mustika Ratu "Paras Swarnanindya" (Cantik Keemasan yang sempurna). Pemenang Puteri Indonesia 2010 akan dinobatkan sebagai Brand Ambassador Trend Warna 2011 Mustika Ratu

Terima kasih kepada Yayasan Puteri Indonesia(YPI), sehingga Liputan resmi Indonesian Pageants ini bisa terselenggara.

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 4 : The Red Carpet

Bukan Red Carpet sebenarnya sih, cuma beberapa foto yang tercecer di luar ruangan Press Conference. Inilah dia ....

Wow ... ada Raline Syah(banner-nya aja sih), si Puteri Indonesia Favorit 2008 ini ternyata juga menjadi Brand Ambassador Moor Cosmetics. Look, didandani ala Penganten Jawa pun teteup stunning!

Eh ada Nando (Fernando Surya / Juara 1 L Men Of The Year 2006) dan Mantan Finalis PI 2005 dari Papua, mereka sedang apa ya disini? Oh ternyata mereka kini memegang Yayasan Puteri Banten. Jadi ceritanya mereka sedang mensupport Yovita (PI Banten 2010). Nando ternyata masih ingat dulu pernah diwawancarai Mukie-IP one day setelah kemenangannya. Goodluck ya ^^

Ada Tien Virginia (Puteri Persahabatan, Favorit, dan Top 10 PI 2009), masih tetap ramah, santun dan ceria, menyenangkan sekali ketemu dia lagi.

Terima kasih kepada Yayasan Puteri Indonesia(YPI), sehingga Liputan resmi Indonesian Pageants ini bisa terselenggara.

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 3 : The Welcoming

Hei saatnya berkenalan dengan beberapa orang penting di Pemilihan Puteri Indonesia ini, ada Bapak Wardiman, Ibu Kusumadewi, Bapak Arman, Mr Pierre (Perwakilan Ritz Carlton), setelah itu, foto bersama dong! Ayo saatnya mengenali kontestan-kontestan favorit kamu ^^

Terima kasih kepada Yayasan Puteri Indonesia(YPI), sehingga Liputan resmi Indonesian Pageants ini bisa terselenggara.

Puteri Indonesia 2010 Part 2 : Relaxing Before The Welcome

Santai dulu ah .... setelah dapat kejutan manis berupa pengalungan bunga, asyik ngobrol kiri kanan, gosip kiri kanan. Lho Grace (Jambi) kok sendirian di depan, hiks hiks ... hihihi.

Foto dooonggg! Oke! Untuk Faradina (DKI 1), Okki (DKI 2), dan Aisya (DKI 3) apa sih yang enggak?

Ega (Sumsel) dan Juwita (Babel). Happy bener Bu? Hahahaha.

Tiga dara manis, Reisa (DIY), Betha (Jatim), dan Dwita(Bali).

Grace (Jambi) kita foto ya .... .asyik!!

Bukan sulap, bukan sihir. Dua dara berbeda propinsi tapi bernama panggilan sama yaitu Lala Kalia (Jabar) dan Emanuella (Jateng).

Giliran Nadine (DKI 4), Gladys (DKI 5), dan Inda (DKI 6) yang kita foto!!

Smile ... ada Wenty (Kalsel), Thia(Kalbar), Winanda (Sulsel), Tenri (Sulbar), dan Mayang (Sultra) yang asyik haha hihi.

Say Hi to Ayu (Kaltim) dan Aelyn (Kalteng).

Stop Press, ikuti terus ya lanjutan liputan kami, kata Mukie dari IP didampingi Ayu & Fiza (Bannernya), Mukie ini adalah pelopor dan pendiri Indonesian Pageants, meski sekarang sudah sibuk bekerja, sebelum ke kantor dia menyempatkan diri ikut Liputan. Semangat!!!

Terima kasih kepada Yayasan Puteri Indonesia(YPI), sehingga Liputan resmi Indonesian Pageants ini bisa terselenggara.