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In the mid-70's, no man had nicer hair than Glen Campbell.

Yes, I suppose that's true:

Click pic for larger image.

I hated wearing turtlenecks:

I never liked wearing turtlenecks. The feel of them always bothered me, like my shirt was trying to strangle me.... Although I have to say they looked great on Maureen.


I had a T-shirt with the above pic, back around 1980. I wore that thing all the time. Just shows the 80's weren't SO bad..


In the early 80's, I had a major crush on Genie Francis. I thought she was so beautiful. I hadn't felt that way since Marcia, actually... I stopped watching GH since they killed her off. I knew she was brought back, but by then it just wasn't the same, and I lost interest in the show by then.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yeah right...

The above is a pic from The Partridge Family, showing how the bus got its new paint job. But any novice could tell it was a factory job. No way could someone, especially a kid, get all those lines so straight (although I admit I fell for it, I mean when you're 4 years old, you'll believe anything)...

In 1977:

When the song "You're still the one" by Orleans was at the height of its popularity, ABC took it for their advertising campaign. I remember mom used to laugh when the song came on the radio (Orleans not ABC) and they'd sing the line: "you're still the one who can scratch my itch"... I still, to this day, couldn't figure out what was so funny about it...

Sunday, December 27, 2009


During the Carter administration, his daughter Amy got alot of bad press. She just wasn't liked, for some reason. I really don't know why, I don't recall her getting into any trouble or anything. Poor Amy, she just never got a decent break with anyone.

Miss World 2009 Part 10 : Final Review - Love It or Leave It

The final review of Miss World 2009 is finally here. Let's take a look on parts that we adore and parts that we don't like so much.

Love It
(Things We Like)

• The opening number. Featuring breathtaking performance of Umoja, a parade of 112 beautiful women and 112 flags from around the world, theand above all the glittering fireworks, the opening number of Miss World 2009 is truly captivating the audiences attention. The concept itself may not be new, as it's already used in last year edition, but we don't mind watching it again this year simply because it is simply spectacular.
• The Dance of The World. Probably our most fave segment of the night. After a long hiatus, national costume is finally back at Miss World. And adding more twist, not only the delegates parading in their costume, some of them were also given a chance to showcase the beauty of the national dance from their particular country. The whole number is just great and we really hope Miss World would keep this segment for the following years.
• The inclusion of Korea and Colombia in Top 16. These two girls are the real life example of dark horses turn front runners. They were initially not so favored like some of the early front runners. But when the crucial time came, they know how to bring their A-game, especially in the final night when they become the center attention of the world. Korea ended up ahead of the hyped Vietnam for the Queen of Asia Oceania title while Colombia outlasted some of other fave contestants to be in Final 7. Both remind us that in pageant, favoritism is not everything.
• Angela Chow. She has hosted Miss World for 7 consecutive years and usually things that last too long bound to be boring. But in the case of Angela, there is no such thing. One of her trump card is her ability to bring life and excitement to Miss World stage with her spontaneous personality. This is probably one of the reason Miss World Organization keeps her in the host positon for such a long time.
• The talent showcase. We have heard about the awesomeness of their talent but now we can watch it ourselves. For the first time ever in Miss World history, the winners of Talent Fast Track (Sierra leone, Korea, Norway, and Canada) are given a chance to perform live at the final night. Turns out these girls gave some of the most entertaining performance in the Miss World stage and we prefer them to some of the boring guest performers over the past years. Our fave of the night is no other than Sierra Leone and her unique mask dance number.

Leave It
(Things We Dislike)

• The elimination format. After initially hinted that there would be a Top 20 this year, Miss World Organization decided to keep the number of semifinalists into Top 16 (supposedly Top 15 but due to the tie of Canada and Sierra Leone for Talent Fast Track there is one extra spot). With the largest number of contestants ever (112 of them) and such a competitive batch, 16 spots are simply not enough. Miss World should reconsider their elimination format and go for Top 20 instead as it will give more chance for the contestants to be included in the spotlight and reduce the possibility of wasted beauty.
• The inclusion of Japan, India, Poland, and Kazakhstan in Top 16. We can tolerate Japan and India because they entered the semifinal through Fast Track route (otherwise there is no chance for them at all). But we really don't understand the inclusion of Poland and Kazakhstan who are supposedly chosen by a panel of professional judges. Maybe the judges saw something in these girls that we don't but from the perspective of beauty, these girls are the weakest links of the Top 16 and should be replaced by other more deserving contestants.
• The exclusion of Scotland, Barbados, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica from Top 16. With only 16 spots available, and some of them are surprisingly taken by some of the undeserving contestants, there is no surprise that there will be a lot of wasted beauties this year. While it is not a big surprise, it is still a big disappointment that some of the most beautiful contestants in the competition are left out for reasons we will never know.
• The Q&A round. When Angela announced Miss World will bring back the old Q&A segment for Top 7 round, we had quite high expectation. This high expectation is quickly crushed as the questions asked are totally "no-brainer" like "What do you think of Johannesburg?" or "Why do you think you will be a good Miss World?". Miss World should start to take this Q&A more seriously like Miss Universe who has some of the most memorable questions and answers over these years.

Love It and Leave It
(Things We Both Like and Dislike)

• The victory of Gibraltar and the lost of Mexico. Okay it's truly bittersweet. At one side, we are really happy to see Gibraltar wins. She is a sweet and charming beauty who seems so genuine and sincere, a quality that a Miss World should have. However we can't hide our disappointment over Mexico's lost. Mexico is a living Goddess, a flawless and celestial beauty which may only come once in a blue moon, and she would have been a great Miss World. But maybe her beauty is just too perfect, too "otherworldly", so that the judges chose a more "down to earth" beauty instead. Regardless, we wish a good luck for both girls and hope for the best for their future.

Okay guys, it's a wrap! Our final say of Miss World 2009. See you next year at Miss World 2010 in Vietnam!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Verb: That's what's happenin':

I can question like: What is it?
(Verb, you're so demanding.)
I can order like: Go get it!
(Verb, you're so commanding.)
When I hit I need an object
(Verb, hit! Hit the ball!)
When I see, I see the object
(Do you see that furthest wall?)
If you can see it there, put the ball over the fence, man!
Go ahead. Yeah, alright.
What?! He hit it. It's going, it's going, it's gone!

Let me guess:

Either Greg just wiped out on a coral reef with his surfboard, or he just said "stinker". Either way, it looks pretty bad...

Anita Hara Model and Television Presenter

Anita Hara is a Cute Indonesian model and and the Sinetron Star Television at Indonesian.
She is Born in Jakarta, March 29, 1982, tested the world's presenter Anita. He is believed to bring the show gossip and infotainment KASAK racing sporting events F1.not only s just acting and she also Try to be a presenters. she is Psychology graduate of the University of Atmajaya

World attraction was not lost on the sound of a dream, armed with melodious voice and excellent performance, her first album had been released and is frequently played on radio and tv stations leading to the title of "BASIC GUY" which became the major singles with the album title .. .

Anita HaraAnita Hara
Anita HaraAnita Hara

Nellie Olsen...

... had a face only a mother could love...

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Why Do We Get Sleep Gunk in the Corners of Our Eyes?

Source form Science Illustrated Jan/Feb 2010


In 1977, when Pop Rocks candy first came on the scene, there was a rumor that if you ate these and drank soda at the same time, your stomach would explode....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is Spinach Dangerous for Babies

Source form Science Illustrated Jan/Feb 2010

Breaking News : Gadis Sampul 2009 Result

Pemenang I : Marcella Pranovia - Denpasar

Pemenang II : Sherly Bella - Bandung

Pemenang III : Sarah Venezia - Mataram

Pemenang Favorit : Veronica Pranata - Jakarta

Pemenang Favorit Polling SMS Malam Final : Nadia Ayesha - Jakarta

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meet The Leaderboard Judges : Mister International 2009

They have correctly predicted Bolivia as the winner of Mister International 2009 and 9 other contestants as semifinalists and finalists. They have proved that they have great taste of beauty and deserve to be included as Leaderboard judges. Now let's meet the judges behind Mister International 2009 Leaderboard!

Angga RS ... hardcore pageant fans

Niendya ... our lovely latest Patih and Adipati of West Java region

Zefozie ... the Belgian hunk

... our funny, witty, and sassy auntie from Makassar

Nursasongko ... one of the founders of IP community

and finally ... Moon Gin ... your Leaderboard coordinator!

With the results of all 2009 pageants concluded, it's time to close another chapter in pageant history and get ready for a new in 2010! See you in our coverage for national and international pageants of 2010 ... starting next January!

Mister International 2009 Result

Mister International 2009 : BOLIVIA - Juan Bruno Kettels Torrico

First Runner Up : SPAIN - Hector Soria

Second Runner Up : LEBANON - Marcelino Gebrayel

Third Runner Up : FRANCE - Maxime Thomasset

Fourth Runner Up : POLAND - Sebastian Strzepka

BELGIUM - Thomas Ladangh
SINGAPORE - Nelson Lee
SLOVENIA - Peter Klinc
TAIWAN - Terry Shih
VENEZUELA - Luiz Nuzzo

INDONESIA - Holly Feriston
IRELAND - Francis Xavier Usanga
PUERTO RICO - Henry Quiles
U S A - Josh Tolin
VIETNAM - Le Xuan Vinh Thuy

Special Awards
• Mister Photogenic : VIETNAM - Le Xuan Vinh Thuy
• Mister Congeniality : VENEZUELA - Luiz Nuzzo
• Mister Spirit : ANGOLA - Jelson Quintas
• National Costume : TAIWAN - Terry Shih

Just a note to let anyone know that I'm on the road right now (actually in Florida, I got here yesterday). I'm staying in a neat little mobile home.
In a retirement community.
Everyone's 55 or older... well, the rent was cheap, what can I say..
I'm on the community computer right now, but once I get my system set up, I'll be posting more regularly.

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GADIS Sampul 2009 (karantina)

Hi Ikuti serunya karantina Pemilihan GADIS Sampul 2009 di








Mister International 2009 Part 4 : The Leaderboard

Twelve Italian Priests

Twelve Italian priests were about to be ordained.

The final test was for them to line up in a straight
row, totally nude, in a garden while a sexy, beautiful,
big breasted, nude model danced before them.

Each priest had a small bell attached to his weenie,
and they were told that anyone whose bell rang when
she danced in front of them would not be ordained
because he had not reached a state of spiritual purity.

The beautiful model danced before the first candidate
with no reaction. She proceeded down the line with
the same response from all the priests until she got
to the final priest, Carlos. Poor Carlos.

As she danced, his bell began to ring so loudly that it
flew off, clattering across the ground and laid to rest
in nearby foliage.

Embarrassed, Carlos quickly scrambled to where the
bell came to rest.

He bent over to pick it up...
and all the other bells started to ring.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mister International 2009 Part 3 : Our Top 5 Best National Costume

National costume is always one of our favorite part of a pageant. The color and creativity always mix up well with the carnival and festive spirit of the pageant itself. Thanks to Belleza Venezolana coverage, we can get a glimpse of the national costumes design submitted this year and decide the five we like most. And here there are ... our choice for Top 5 Best National Costume Mister International 2009!

Taiwan ROC





Photos courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Mister International 2009 Part 2 : Our Top 5 Best Face

The only thing better than a six pack body is a handsome face. As in its female counterpart, beauty also plays an important factor in male pageants. Selecting Top 5 Best Face is not an easy thing for us, as beauty indeed belongs to the eyes of the beholder. But after some long observation from their pre pageant individual photo and their daily pageant photos from Belleza Venezolana coverage, we finally make up our mind ... and here there are ... our choice for Top 5 Best Face Mister International 2009!

Costa Rica


Great Britain


Taiwan ROC

Photos courtesy of Mister International Organization

Mister International 2009 Part 1 : Our Top 5 Best Body

Just admit it! One of the main reason we enjoy male pageant is to see hot hunks with six pack body. Mister International 2009, which began last Thursday, once again offers these "guilty pleasure" delicacy to us. Thanks to some uploaded videos and complete daily activity photos from Belleza Venezolana, we can get close observation and decide which ones of these handsome Gods possess the ultimate Greek Gods body. And here there are ... our choice for Top 5 Best Body Mister International 2009!






Photos courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

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When you're a kid and you're afraid, hallways seem longer.

I remember:

The Bic Banana commercials. I do believe that's Charles Nelson Reilley (sp?) as the teacher. To this day I can't figure out why Bic called these pens "bananas".