Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Back in '78, some people felt that if Mork could pull off the rainbow suspenders look, they could too. They were wrong, btw.Very, Very wrong..

We All Live In A Capital I.

We all live in a capital I, In the middle of the desert, In the center of the sky. And all day long we polish on the I, To keep it clean and shiny So it brightens up the sky.
Rubbing it here And scrubbing it there, Polishing the I So high in the air.
As we work we sing a lively tune "It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon." And when we're through with the day's only chore, We go into the I And we close the door.
Capital I, capital I, capital I, capital I

True (although I'm not sure if I ever posted this or not):

I frequently dream that I show up at a restaurant really late, like just before closing. The waiter begrudgingly seats us, and my date excuses herself to go to the ladies room. i fall asleep at the table, and the waiter comes over and wakes me up and says "I'm sorry, we're closing now", and my date has ditched me. I walk out into the parking lot, and i can't find my car.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Fred Flintstone, every day off was a good day.

Misc. remembrance:

Back in Junior High, everyone was walking around wearing this tee. Pink Floyd couldn't have paid for better advertising.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Linda Blair:

I was recently thinking of Linda Blair, after having done the Exorcist post. She was such a cute kid back then.


I found the above pic when I did an image search for "photoshop contest".

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Exorcist:

I'm one of the few who did not find this movie scary, because of 3 reasons:
1. I didn't see it in '73 when it came out at the movies because I was only 5.
2. I read the book in the early 80's when I was in my teens, so that pretty much spoiled any surprise or shock-value that the movie might hold.
3. I finally saw it after that on television, and by then the delivery was already becoming out-dated (although, to be fair to the flick, and to all who participated in its making, I'm sure if I'd seen it at the movies it would've been different).
I believe the book was written by Shirley Maclaine's (sp?) brother, at least that's what I read somewhere.

Actress Emma Watson at London Fashion Week

find picture gallery of Emma Watson :

Emma WatsonEmma WatsonEmma WatsonEmma WatsonEmma WatsonEmma Watson
Image Source: http://www.modelcruz.com/celeb-watch/emma-watson/picture-9.html

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Misc. Remembrance:

When I was about 4, 'til about 8 years of age (ca. '72 to '76), my folks used to play cards with a couple named Pat and Eddie. We'd go over their house and the adults would play cards while I played with their kids: Lori and Teddy. Pat was a nurse. Eddie had previously undergone colon surgery (or something like that), and whenever he'd reach for a snack and it was something he really shouldn't be eating, Pat would say, rather sternly: "Now Eddie, remember your bowels". Mortified, he'd say (under his breath) "Shut up, Pat". Then his kids would chime in: "Remember your bowels, Eddie! Remember your bowels!"...
I've since lost touch with them all. I really miss those days.

If Blogger wasn't free i'd REALLY be complaining right now:

My followers aren't showing on my page. Just a blank spot (the above pic) on my footer. Nothing. They don't show even from my dashboard page. Am I the only one who can't see them? Anybody else can't see them too?

Hollywood Isla Fisher Crude Cute Picture Gallery

Isla Fisher checks out the screening of the documentary Crude hosted by Amazon Watch at Harmony Gold in hollywood on Thursday (September 17).

Isla FisherThe documentary is a legal Isla Fisher drama about 30,000 indigenous rainforest dwellers living in the Amazon jungle fighting against pollution caused by oil giant Chevron.

Famous Isla Fisher is wearing a cute Elizabeth and James dress and Melinda Maria’s Black Pave Pod Cuff and Mini Pod Bangles.

The 33-year-old Confessions of a Shopaholic star recently completed some voice work on the animated hollywood film Rango.

Isla FisherJohnny Depp and Abigail Breslin also contributed to the movie about a household pet that goes on a fantastic adventure to discover his true self.

Great picture gallery of Isla Fisher.

Isla FisherIsla FisherIsla Fisher
find more online fashion models news.

Source: justjared.buzznet.com

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

For the record:

I was really debating whether-or-not to post this (for obvious reasons), but it was from the decade, and I don't have anything else to post (as if you didn't already know that..).. I'm SO sorry......

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mobile Phones -- Dangerous.....Do take note

True  Story

This morning I  heard a true and sad story from a
colleague of  mine.
She told me one of her  friends is always having abortions.

When the  foetus gets to be 2-3 months old she loses it. This happened several times over.  

The couple went to check with many doctors and at last one of the doctors  examined the dead baby and found that the baby's body cells kept dying as the  baby was growing in the womb until he/she could not survive.

This was because  her uterus was affected by Handphone Radiation.

The doctor told her, she  now has no chance to give birth to a healthy baby, because, the radiation has  affected her uterus so that the major portion of the cells in her uterus have  already died.

This happened,
because, she has been keeping her hand phone  in her working jacket so that the phone rested against just on the right spot of  the uterus.

She had been wearing it like this for a few years.


Please beware  of this and take note if you don't want what has happened to

this woman to  happen to you.
Dearest  friends & family members,
  • Please do not ignore hand phone radiation which will  damage our health or body organs.
  • Please put away your hand phone whenever you  don't need it much.

  • Guys,  Please do not keep your hand phone near to the kidney position and pants pocket .

  • The other doctor also  advised another friend to keep her hand phone away from her new born baby to  avoid radiation damage to the baby's brain cells.

  • Do not let the baby or toddler play with the hand  phone. This is because the small young baby or toddler is still very fragile and  growing, so he/she is much more vulnerable to radiation  damage.

  • Please  remember not to sleep together with your hand phone or put it next to your  bed.

  • Keep any  other electronic goods (such as tv's) which also give off radiation away from your bedroom to reduce risk as we have to sleep a few hours every day in our  bedroom at night.
  • Radiation is still present around in your room once the TV is turned off.

  • It is not  advisable to have even a small digital alarm clock close to your head while  sleeping.  

                              Take  Care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sunday Comic:

Actually I've had this on file for some time and didn't know what to do with it...
Click pic for larger image.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My ghost story (I was going to wait 'til Halloween, but I'm kind of short on ideas lately):

There's a church I used to attend in South Wellfleet, Mass., right on the corner of Route 6 and Lieutenant Island Road, across from Rookies restaurant. It's not an old church, it was built sometime around 1970. The basement of the building is a huge banquet hall, with a large kitchen off to the side, with several small classrooms at the other end of the building. One day I was sitting upstairs in the church by myself, and I started to hear talking downstairs. It was muffled, and i couldn't really make out what was being said, but there was also laughter and the clanking of dishes, the sound of people walking around, etc. It got louder and louder, but I still couldn't make out what was being said, so I decided to go down and see who was there. I assumed some of the ladies of the church were cleaning up in the kitchen.
I got downstairs and nobody was there. Dead quiet. Not a sound. the voices stopped as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs, like I just walked in on a conversation they didn't want me to hear.
I went back upstairs. A few minutes later it started again. It got louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, so I went back down, thinking I had just missed them.
Whenever I'd go back upstairs it would start, and whenever I went downstairs it would stop.
It happened several times, and on several different occasions. I thought it was just me, but finally i asked somebody about it, and they experienced the same thing. Several people had the experience, not just me. And whenever I was downstairs in the dark, I could sense I was not alone. I could literally feel it. There are several classrooms with windows, but they always keep the doors shut, so in the hall it's pitch black.
It's really creepy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sometimes that woman was no darn fun.

When I was about 8, I read an illustrated book of old Chinese folk tales in my school's library. It was there that I discovered the queue. I wanted to grow one, but basically mom said "No way, over my dead body". For the life of me, I couldn't understand why she was being so unreasonable...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farewell to one of the great ones:

I wasn't going to post anything on her passing. So many celebs have died recently that if I posted them all my blog would've looked like an obituary site, but I can't help it. I'll miss Mary. She made the world a better place, for sure. My condolences to Peter and Paul.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random find:

Between you and me I'd love to know what Madame just said to Bea. Although, this being a "family-friendly site", I'm not sure I could post it if even I did know...

Just lookin' out of the window - watching the asphalt grow:

Good Times: Any time you meet a payment. Good Times: Any time you meet a friend. Good Times: Any time you’re out from under. Not getting hassled, not getting hustled. Keepin’ your head above water, Making a wave when you can.
Temporary lay offs. - Good Times. Easy credit and rip offs. - Good Times. Scratchin’ and surviving. - Good Times. Hangin in a chow line - Good Times. Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em - Good Times.

I watched this show every week until John Amos got written off. Then it just wasn't the same. On another note, I was always in awe about how big John's nostrils were. They were huge..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Jaws game:

Between you and me, I think mom really bought this game for herself. She'd make me play it with her. It was embarrassing, really. Basically, it would be:
"Come on, Joe, we're gonna play Jaws".
"Not again...".
"Just one game".
"But we just played it yesterday!!"
When we moved, I "accidentally" lost it. Funny how that happened..

Monday, September 14, 2009


I should've known that punchline was coming.. btw, I hope the dog doesn't quit the strip.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Green Ghost Game:

My cousin Dee Dee had this game. We played it once in my grandparent's house.
In the bathroom..... (it was the only room that was dark enough when we pulled the shade down).
I was drawn to glow-in-the-dark things. Plus, I loved haunted houses, ghosts, etc. I don't remember much about how the game went (who won, etc.), because Dee Dee habitually made the rules up as she went along (she thought I was too young to notice, but I did notice, and basically I knew she was full of crap that day). She was always "just remembering" rules which worked in her favor, whatever we were playing.. ..
The above pic is taken from an ebay listing. You can find it here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mario, the guy that just won't go away...

Lately I've been playing on-line Super Mario Bros. I haven't played it since the early 90's. If you're not sick of the game, the link is here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I don't really miss that dog..

Sometime around 1975, about a year before my folks split up, I had a beagle. She used to scoot across the carpet on her butt like in the above comic. She also used to try to hump my mother's leg (nobody else's, just mom's) before mom would smack her away. I used to laugh my ass off. Needless to say, when my folks split the dog was the first thing to go. Looking back, I can't say I blame them for that one...


The Competition between two manufactur Honda  Yamaha is up in this semester . Each was issued will launch new product.Yamaha recently to launch a new sports bike. Shape's muscular, with a 150 cc.
Maybe  price under Vixion. Millions of the range is 17-18.

Reportedly been going out Lebaran. Kalo viewed from prospects quite bright. Because many of the idolized Motorsports mammpu cuman not buy it.
Because relatively expensive. Probably the cheapest right now is Pulsar, Suzuki Thunder 125, Megapro. But with the emergence of the latest Yamaha products of this output is a motor sports competition in the more exciting.
Since offering a slightly different design to other Motorsports but affordable prices.
Moreover, this motor bearing factory output tuning fork is believed part of Indonesian society.
Maybe for yamaha fanatic, but can not buy this bike Vixion could be an alternative

Skutik Yamaha T-Max Specification

this Skutik Yamaha T-Max Called T-Max, which comes with elegant design, but not until the sporti elements of a high output Yamaha scooter is great.

Skutik Yamaha T-Max
Photographers - Bagja Pratama
Yamaha has not only scooter Yamaha Mio imut such a fenomenal motorcycle market in the country, but also gambot a scooter even has engine capacity of nearly 4-fold from Mio.


Third in the championship Casey Stoner has withdrawn until Estoril on October 4 to try and return to full fitness.

Stoner’s place at Ducati Marlboro has been taken by Mika Kallio, whose Pramac ride has been handed to Aleix Espargaro for Indianapolis and Misano. 20-year-old Espargaro is making his MotoGP debut this weekend.

1. Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda Team 1min 39.730 sec
2. Jorge Lorenzo SPA Fiat Yamaha Team 1min 40.236 sec
3. Valentino Rossi ITA Fiat Yamaha Team 1min 40.609 sec
4. Alex de Angelis RSM San Carlo Honda Gresini 1min 40.620 sec
5. Colin Edwards USA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 1min 40.961 sec
6. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Marlboro Team 1min 41.067 sec
7. Toni Elias SPA San Carlo Honda Gresini 1min 41.283 sec
8. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Repsol Honda Team 1min 41.309 sec
9. Marco Melandri ITA Hayate Racing Team 1min 41.530 sec
10. James Toseland GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 1min 41.620 sec
11. Loris Capirossi ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 1min 41.742 sec
12. Randy de Puniet FRA LCR Honda MotoGP 1min 41.773 sec
13. Niccolo Canepa ITA Pramac Racing 1min 41.910 sec
14. Chris Vermeulen AUS Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 1min 42.038 sec
15. Mika Kallio FIN Ducati Marlboro Team 1min 42.250 sec
16. Aleix Espargaro SPA Pramac Racing 1min 42.577 sec
17. Gabor Talmacsi HUN Scot Racing Team MotoGP 1min 42.736 sec

Fastest practice time:
Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda 1min 40.271sec (FP2)

2008 Indianapolis Grand Prix - 14/9/2008:
Pole position:
Valentino Rossi ITA Fiat Yamaha (B) 1min 40.776sec
Fastest race laps by manufacturer (wet):
Valentino Rossi ITA Fiat Yamaha (B) 1min 49.668sec
Nicky Hayden USA Repsol Honda (M) 1min 50.057sec
Casey Stoner AUS Ducati Marlboro (B) 1min 50.989sec
Ben Spies USA Rizla Suzuki (B) 1min 51.219sec
Anthony West AUS Kawasaki Racing (B) 1min 51.524sec


This is an exlucive captured photo from exhibition modifikasi honda tiger
see the red coated honda tiger, it  looks good soper extreme


modified honda tiger  with green coated , full green modified honda tiger 2009,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Podio Misano MotoGp 2009 orejas de Burro por el error de la caída de Indi.

Podio Misano MotoGp 2009 V.Rossi,J.Lorenzo y D.Pedrosa.

Valentino Rossi gana en Misano MotoGp 2009

Valentino Rossi gana en Misano MotoGp 2009

Valentino Rossi mantiene a "raya " a Lorenzo con la misma moto en Misano.

Carrera Misano 2009 Moto Gp

Julito Simon y Smith en Misano 125cc 2009

Carrera Misano 2009 Moto Gp

Valentin Rossi Misano,casco "Burro de Shrek",por el error que hizo en Indianapolis.

Carrera Misano 2009 Moto Gp